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Garten of Banban

Garten of Banban

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Garten of Banban

Let’s get acquainted with a new story about the horrors of a strange place. And today, the bright and cheerful kindergarten Garten of Banban was under attack. Its walls are flaunted with flashy colored signs about the joys of childhood. And in the corridors and on the playgrounds, sonorous children’s laughter is always heard.

But one day everything changes and all the inhabitants of this institution disappear without a trace. They take the history of what happened with them. The most fearless user will have to find out what happened here and how to find out the truth about the events of this day.

The plot is presented in the now familiar episodic manner, each episode begins with a brief description of previous events, after which the current one begins. All clues seem to be hidden, but at the same time they want to be discovered. But the presentation of the details of the plot is quite interesting. In the course of the game, the main character will meet radio receivers and televisions, which show and listen to pieces of news and programs. And also from time to time there are scraps of notes. Stories that tell the oddities happening around and hints at the further actions of the protagonist. As a result, we get a very good horror effect.

And this is where the fun begins.

The main part takes place as a runner for arcade machines that are in entertainment complexes. You run in the dark, shine your flashlight on shadows or monsters and shoot. However, for some time, it is the search for clues or solving puzzles. And just these little things are implemented very well. On the contrary, it is well thought out and effective. The reverse effect from childish and kind to terrible and stubborn can be seen throughout the quest. It’s like playing in surrealism, which is supposed to feel real.

In fact, the confrontation between good and evil, which is classic for the entire world entertainment arena, is literally presented here. And this is what attracts users to Garten of Banban. The idea is really good and very well implemented. Yes, it did not become a breakthrough, but still gained its popularity in this genre. For fans of the genre, there is absolutely everything here: an indescribable atmosphere, a good plot, thoughtful gameplay and heaps of heaps of references and quotes.

Playing such adventures that will test your nerves and lead to the desired victory is a real pleasure. Stay on the same wavelength with the monsters in order to understand the essence of their functioning. And when they relax, give them a crushing blow.