Horror Games
Garten of Banban 2

The heartbreaking story of a preschool. A terrible secret was released and took many children with it into the unknown. But she did it in a comic, one might even say satirical form. A horrific event is overshadowed by the colorful creatures that roam the kindergarten. They look like rainbow unicorns. Only evil ones. And all this is fueled by an unrealistically atmospheric soundtrack that keeps you in suspense.

Something from the first part of the game migrated to the next. So no matter where you start your acquaintance with Garten of Banban, you will always have the feeling that there is some kind of mysterious connection here. Evaluate how deeply and qualitatively the developers penetrate your skin to hook it to the quick. So, what will be discussed in the second part of the already known adventures? Last time we found out who turned the kindergarten into their abode.

But the riddle under the question “Why” is still hanging in the air. What is wrong with this place? What is hidden in the basement and why did the sharply bright and colorful friends of the kids suddenly turn into insatiable eaters of joy? Welcome to the most mysterious and atmospheric horror game of the year.

The game takes on atmosphere and severity, danger can lie in wait around every corner

The game has hints – the same notes on the walls that you find as you progress. To find them all you have to sweat – trying to go around all the corners. Also, sometimes, when light hits the walls, you can observe yellow arrows – pointers leading you to a cache with the necessary inventory and consumables for passing. You need to play with full awareness and caution. What is actually rainbow is not always kind and cheerful.

Garten of Banban also has a few caches in store for you to help with some unsolvable puzzles. But will colored monsters give you the opportunity to find them? Look at the variety of characters. Each of them is a separate story in the creation of this quest. And everyone has their own abilities. And of course everyone has their own attempts to stop you from the truth. You will have to play until the monsters give up dejectedly and decide to initiate you into the secret of this order.