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Garten Of Banban 4

Garten Of Banban 4

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Garten Of Banban 4

In this game you will go to a place that is the heart of all the inhabitants! This is where all generations have learned life and had fun. But one day a strange and even scary event happened. Suddenly, all the people disappeared and there is no explanation!

The player will have to visit the area. Find out what really happened! Explore all the rooms to get all the answers! A huge number of monsters will be waiting for players in the game. They live in every corner and are ready to attack at any moment! Be careful and attentive to get out of here alive!

Trust only in your own strength!

Additionally, in Garten Of Banban 4 you will have to solve puzzles! Use logic, attentiveness, and sometimes even intuition to complete all tasks! In this part, participants will visit a new location, which was not there before.

There are more creepy moments inside that will make you lose your mind. Don’t give in to the provocations and go straight to your goal! In the game you will have an assistant who can fly. The drone will always point the main character in the right direction. Thanks to this, the players will not be bored and scared in Garten Of Banban 4. Rely on your dexterity, quick reaction, and other skills or abilities!