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Garten of Banban Game Online Play Free

Suitable for fans of gloomy detective stories Garten of Banban and epics that keep you in suspense. Also suitable for players in dynamic computer arcades. Such a specific genre at the intersection of a quest, survival horror, third-person shooter, role-playing melodrama and interactive cinema.

Positive qualities of the Garten of Banban world: breathtaking views, a detailed recreation of the world, a variety of items, the division of the gameplay into several large episodes and good character development. The investigation, transferred to an alternative reality, and the illusory nature of the enemies evoke associations with the plot. Only curiosity keeps the screen in anticipation of the next twist of the plot.

We answer questions: what will happen to the heroes, whom we still miss. An attempt by the creators of the script to represent in an intellectual form the possibility of a person to design events and stay in search of truth.

The plot of the Garten of Banban or how we ended up here

Actions take place in a strange kindergarten. The game offers to feel the atmosphere of disappearance and search for the truth. Children play and suddenly disappear, and completely without a trace. What attempts will the player be willing to make to get at least a drop of information about what happened?

Embark on a world of this gameplay that will overwhelm you. A sharp transition from the outer world to the inner, from the ground to the underground. The epic role of antonyms in this game owns the main role. You have to find not only enemies, but also friends. And there are a lot of such oppositions here. Both in the plot itself and in the actions. Walk on uncharted paths. Unlock puzzles to be solved.

A wide range of puzzles from cool developers make you focus all possible senses. Tighten your memory and thinking. Turn on the seventh sense to understand who is good and who wants your inevitable death.

Who will we meet in the dungeon?

Creepy colored monsters that spread through the building like a virus captivated this game. The main one is, of course, the scariest. But you will also be surrounded by dozens of secondary monster characters. Each of them with its own characteristics and complexities of character.

Rainbow bullying starts right here. Under every staircase and in every corner one of them lurks and is ready to attack. Choose a convenient way to control the PC so that you can appreciate the full scale of what is happening. Your friends will tell you hacks of Garten of Banban that will help you deal with the evil around you.

Prismatic Horrors will be your curse in this place. Riddles are scattered on the walls and in the tables. Cameras that monitor while you play. They help you keep all rooms under your keen eye. A variety of electronic keys that you need to open in order to complete the quest. Strange heroes who have descended from the walls – can there be anything worse than good heroes who have turned into monsters?

Because you believed them. And they trusted their imagination. Play Garten of Banban to see for yourself the value and quality of this development in the world of modern horror. And do not forget the main rule – stay alive until the end of your competition.