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Banban’s Kindergarten

Banban’s Kindergarten

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Banban’s Kindergarten

An incredible space in which everyone will feel the cold on the skin and the steel of the heating nerves. Garten of Banban invites you into the depths of darkness and monsters. They are everywhere here. And everyone considers you a tidbit. In addition to the main plot, there are a lot of different tests, mini puzzles and other cool stuff. A game that starts right now and will lead to a logical outcome. The action takes place in the underground building of a secluded kindergarten.

Behind you lies a secret veil of mysterious events. All the children have secretly disappeared and you need to find out how it all happened. An atmosphere of complete misunderstanding and a mass of dizzying mysteries reigns around you. The graphics that have captured this building capture the hearts of thousands of users around the world. It is convenient and pleasant to play with such an interface, because all the settings can be adjusted to suit you.

How are things underground?

What can be hidden in the depths of the kindergarten? Are the wanderers from this designer action ready to surprise even the most avid fans of horror content? The plot here is simpler than it seems at first glance, and not so twisted. It is perceived as a children’s thriller due to the fact that cheerful colored muzzles run around you. Easier searching for supplies. It’s no longer news that you don’t have to run out of clues.

Each location will have several lockers, shelves and other things that fill the stocks of guesses and pointers to the maximum. There is tension and fear. Most likely, this feeling is due to the fact that there are a lot of corners of locations with monsters that terrified. All actions take place under the cover of night, the accompanying music, as expected, is intense. Everything is just as pleasing attention to detail, when even the smallest speck on the wall is given maximum attention. In a word, complete immersion in the world.