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Garten of Banban Full Game

Garten of Banban Full Game

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Garten of Banban Full Game

Well hello, dear lover to discover unknown worlds under the cover of night. Today we want to present to your attention a cool idea created for fans of horror content. It was this game that established a real high-quality connection between users and the virtual world. It is Garten of Banban Full Game that is already fully equipped to surprise you.

So, let’s get down to the most important thing. Location. We find ourselves in a small but quite nice kindergarten. There are corridors, a dining room, and classes for classes. There is plenty of space here to play children’s games. But this time, the width of the space is your punishment rather than encouragement.

The larger the space, the more monsters will fit in here. Therefore, as soon as you meet the first monster, run. Oh yes, monsters. Well, where without them. They captured this building right after the disappearance of the children. And All the attempts of their parents were not crowned with a successful search. Therefore, all the hopes of these people are placed on you. They want their children back safe and sound.

What can we do to find out the secret agenda?

We have to go straight to the lair of monsters and collect all the evidence. Only evidence of what? Only those who agree to play by their rules will know about it. Only those who dare to enter this door will know the worst nightmare possible in their lives. Hear a rustle behind? These are small nimble monsters. They seem cute and rosy. You could even say friendly. But will they really be? And why did they suddenly decide to hunt you? How can you explain the constant persecution? And what the hell is going on here anyway? All these questions can only be answered by opening the door to this unknown.