Horror Games
SCP: Labrat

A very interesting game, it seems that all the rinks are the same, but the circumstances change them and something new always turns out! Playing as a D-class, the battle will be very interesting. Although you will start with bare hands and an empty inventory, but your role is the most interesting.

It all starts where you appear in your cell, and then exit, look for the key card. Then go to the car and pump it up to the maximum there. Firstly, anyone from all classes can be in the car, a chaos rebel, guards, a statue, or a scientist with a gun. Or maybe all individuals appear in the car. But that is not all.

Once you have maxed out your card, you can go with other heroes to the elevators, or to the armory. Or you can even throw your ferocity on them and go where you want yourself. But guards and other objects are waiting for you in the complex. The guards will try to tie you up. Try to get out.